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Linda Garnier, Channel Islands : Please find attached pictures of our new mail box, which we are delighted with.

Najkerovi,Kroměříž CZ: We really like and are very satisfied. Mailbox  Solid with flap on request,address plaque Landscape XXL with ornament on request, white colour and  gold patina.

Grulichovi, Záměl CZ:You have exceeded my expectations. Mailbox Rondel with flap on request, door bell , door for electricity, roof on  column on request. Matte black and copper patina.

M.Klepetková,Kolín CZ: We are excited!!! Mailbox Rondel with flap on request, Arch thermometer, address plaque  Landscape XXL, matte black and copper patina.

M.Hlaváčová,Praha CZ: Thank you very much for everything, It is marvelous!! Mailbox Rondel with eagle, matte black and bronze patina.

M.Kozová, Újezd u Cerhovic CZ: We are really happy about our Mailbox. Mailbox  Solid with  ornament on requestí, matte black and silver patina.

P.Kollar,Řečany nad Labem CZ:It is nice. Just it was imagined. The originál  is more beautiful than on your pictures. Mailbox Rondel with eagle and address plaque  Sunset X , matte green and copper patina.

L. Munzlingerová-Majdová,Troubky-Zdislavice CZ:  We are very happy about it. Our neigbours are envious not having it. Mailbox Mail Tube High, matte black and copper patina.

K.Stárková,Příbram CZ: Really nice like  everything from you.Thanks. Doors for gas and elektricity, matte black and copper patina.

K.Legezová,Děčín CZ: So beautiful. We are much satiesfied. Passers  -by  stop to admire your wonderful things. Door for gas, Mailbox Rondel , address plaque Landscape X, matte black and bronze patina.

R.Gašpárek,Hr.Králové CZ: The quality is really good. Nice. Thank you!  Address plaque  Sunset XXL with ornament on request, door bell XIV, matte black with bronze patina.

F.Glaen,Paderborn, DE: We are very pleased. Thank. Mailbox Solid with flap on request, address plaque City XXL, matte black and copper patina..

J.Černický,Praha CZ:  I want to thank you. This jo bis really well done.  Mailbox Solid with flap on request,address plaque Country XXL,matte black and bronze patina.

M.Astaloš,Žalany CZ: It is a really nice work. We are masters of your  craft. Thanks.  Mailbox Rondel on request affixed into column, address plaque Sunset X with ornament on request, matte black and copper patina.

 B.Pudová,Bruntál CZ:  It is superb!!! Mailbox Solid , address plaque Landscape with name  on request, matt black.

P.Ulmann, DE:  I am  very happy to have something originál!! Mailbox Royal, address plaque  Country XXL,matte green and copper patina.

R.Procházková,Poděbrady CZ:  Much nice, really.Thanks. Mailbox Rondel with postman, address plaque  Sunset XXL with ornament on request ,matt black and copper patina.

K.Pavuková,Ostrava CZ: I want to thank for your speed to meet our requirements. Mailbox Mail Tube High with name on request,matte black and copper patina.

J.Jíša,České Budějovice CZ: Mailbox is perfekt. Mailbox Rondel with  door on request , matte black and copper patina.

 L. Matoušková , Trnava, SR : Malbox  is marvelous and the parcel went in good shape. Mailbox Solid , white colour and gold patina.

D.Bublíková,Uherský Brod CZ:It is really really nice. We are glat, you do a really good job and perfekt. Mailbox Rondel ,address plaque  Landscape XXL,matt black and copper patina.

A.Haganová,Dvory nad Zílavou, SR:  We want to thank to you  for the job well done.Every passer-by stops to look at these nice products. Mailbox Solid with flap on request, matte black and bronze patina.

I.Fenyvesi, Dubí: It is cool!!! Mailbox Solid, address plaque  XL  with ornament on request, door for elektricity,matte black

R.Kodym,Bečváry CZ: Thanks, Just nice. Mailbox Royal , colour on request yellow colour and black patina.

M.Bukovina,Košice SK: Products went okay... the whole our family is satiesfied.Mailbox Rondel , address plaque Wave XL, matte black and copper patina.

L.Cáderová,Most CZ:  nice a lot :o))). Mailbox Rondel with ornament  and door on request, address plaque Landscape X  with ornament on request, door bell  Bell VII, matte black and copper patina.

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